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The Law Office of David Zevin is passionate about righting wrongs. We are here for those times when it is impossible to make things right without the help of an attorney, whether the source of the trouble is a company, an individual, or even the government. We are dedicated to helping individuals in several different situations: those who have been physically harmed through another's carelessness, lost a loved one due to the wrongful conduct of others, discriminated against in a job situation, not been paid wages or overtime you are owed, been the victim of fraud or a violation of consumer laws, financially hurt through deception or dishonesty, or otherwise wronged. We are driven by a sense of justice and compassion and will only take cases in which a true wrong has been committed and you have truly suffered for it. We not only litigate on behalf of our clients, we also understand the feelings of the aggrieved, and provide guidance and representation to help you through a difficult time, while at the same time setting things right to prevent future wrongs. If your cause is just and honest, we can help. 





             If you or a loved one have been physically harmed through no fault of your own,

             you may be entitled to be compensated for the injuries and pain that you have

             endured. Not every circumstance entitles the victim to compensation - there

             must be carelessness or negligence on the part of another - but many situations

             qualify, including many car accidents, trips and falls, exposure to toxic

             substances such as mold or asbestos, construction accidents, nursing home

             occurrences, mistreatment by a doctor or dentist, an injury due to a defective or

             unhealthy product, toy or food, an attack by a vicious animal, an injury due to

             a defect in a sidewalk, building, store or home, and more.



Employment Discrimination and Unpaid Wages and Overtime


             Workplace discrimination is extraordinarily frustrating and angering, and can

             be financially devastating. It is also illegal. An employer may not treat a worker

             unfairly on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity or disability, may

             not sexually harass you, and must pay proper wages and overtime. If you

             believe you have been denied employment or promotion or have been fired due

             to discrimination, have been harassed on the job, or have not been paid proper

             wages or overtime, you may be able to bring a lawsuit to prevent such behavior

             in the future, protect your rights, and compensate you for what you have lost.



Other Situations 


             There are many situations that can arise in which your rights may have been

             violated: a company or individual may have caused you harm by misleading,

             deceiving or lying to you, breaking a contract or promise, or charging you more

             than is permissible; your health insurance company may have unjustly denied

             you benefits; your stockbroker may have squandered your savings; or a

             government entity, such as the police, may have detained you unlawfully.

             Situations such as these can be difficult or even life threatening. If you have

             suffered personally and/or financially, we may be able to help correct the wrong,

             compensate you for any loss, and make sure the same thing doesn't happen to

             anyone else. 







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